Adagio Fort Lauderdale Beach


The Adagio Fort Lauderdale Beach consisted of the new construction of an eleven-story condominium building with integrated parking, totaling approximately 146,470 GSF, constructed of reinforced concrete and supported on a deep piling type of foundation.

Adagio Fort Lauderdale Beach

Services Provided

Environmental Consulting

Geotechnical Engineering

Construction Materials Testing

Building Code Compliance


GFA provided the following services:

  • A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment with an Environmental Lien Search. This included records review, site reconnaissance, interviews, and the preparation of the Phase I ESA report. GFA also performed a Ground Penetrating Radar Survey to determine if buried underground storage tanks were present in the subsurface.
  • Private Provider Plan Review and Inspections was performed for the Structural, Building, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Disciplines.
  • The required Threshold Inspections in accordance with the structural inspection plan. Inspections included Reinforcing Steel Placements, Shoring and Re-Shoring Inspection Verification, Concrete and Grout Placement Monitoring, Pre and Post Fill Cell Grouting, and Structural Steel. Post-tension cable elongation monitoring was also provided.
  • A Pre-Construction Video Survey was performed of nearby properties for signs of structural distress or damage, exterior stucco, glazing, walkways/breezeways, and overall structural condition. After construction was completed, GFA also performed a Post-Construction video survey documenting the same items.
  • Installation monitoring of the augercast piles was performed and included testing of the pile grout for compressive strength and a production pile completion report.
  • Construction Materials Testing and Laboratory services were performed for all soils, aggregate, and concrete material used for the project.
  • Vibration monitoring was also provided throughout construction.


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