GFA International, Inc.

(A Universal Engineering Company)

Founded in Palm Beach County in 1988, GFA International, Inc. ( is a full-service Engineering Firm providing Geotechnical Engineering, Environmental Consulting, Construction Materials Testing and Inspections, Building Code Compliance, and Health & Safety Consulting Solutions. The entrepreneurial spirit and dedicated leadership of GFA’s founders, Frank Frione and Fred Kaub, have helped the company to grow and expand its service offerings to numerous clients in the public and private sector. 

Headquartered in Delray Beach, GFA operates 6 offices strategically located to service clients throughout the State of Florida and beyond.  Their staff of nearly 300 professionals is comprised of civil, structural, geotechnical and environmental engineers, geologists, and industrial hygienists, construction inspectors and technicians; multi-discipline building code experts and support staff.  The experience of their team presents a firm that is highly qualified to accomplish projects varying in size, scope or complexity. 

With an emphasis that has always been to aggressively pursue the interests of their clients, GFA has forged a reputation within the engineering and construction community for their technical knowledge, rigorous standards and added value through innovative abilities. Their success can be exhibited by the tenure with clients, many of whom they have served for over 25 years.

For the past 32 years, GFA has delivered quality professional services in a timely and cost-effective manner by pooling its talented staff into project teams that think, act, and perform as one integral unit. Through innovation and adopting technological advances, and carefully listening and collaborating with its clients, the firm is able to generate unique solutions and give their clients options to difficult challenges.

As the world evolves, and its challenges grow more complex, GFA continues to bring a genuine sense of innovation and ‘can do’ attitude to modern engineering challenges providing the practical solutions and exceptional customer service their clients have trusted since its founding. Whether they are advising a client of potential environmental issues that may affect a future project, or inspecting the structural components of a new high-rise building, or performing verification borings and quality control testing on the cutoff wall for the Herbert Hoover Dike Rehabilitation, GFA is proud of the work they do every day.

GFA has been dedicated to a team-focused philosophy that is ingrained into the company’s DNA and has guided the way they have conducted business for the past three decades: 

The firms principals believe that a team atmosphere and strong communication throughout the entire organization is essential to a positive working environment for their team members.  Additionally, making a difference in the community is an important part of GFA’s culture. Whether through financial contribution, volunteering their time, or sharing professional skills and knowledge, the team members at GFA maintain a strong commitment to making a positive impact on people, society, and the planet.  

Engineering A Strong Future

In January 2020, GFA International, Inc announced that after more than 20 years of friendly competition, they have merged with Universal Engineering Sciences, LLC (“UES”) a move to further strengthen the firms geographical footprint and provide a greater depth and breadth of services to a wider range of clients and projects. 

Some things just feel right from the beginning, for GFA International and Universal Engineering Sciences, it was a quick realization that they shared the same Core Values and Company Cultures. These are centered on dedication to their clients, taking care of their team members and recognizing that a talented and motivated team generates the best project solutions and service. This common ground provided the foundation for two strong, stable firms to combine 90 years of industry experience and join forces, creating an even more robust, competitive, and geographically diverse company.

All members of the GFA and UES executive teams remain in leadership positions of the newly combined company, which will operate under the Universal Engineering Sciences name. The integration of business operations is currently underway and anticipated to be completed by the close of 2020.

The skills and capabilities of the blended teams now bring an expanded array of engineering and consulting services across a wider network of office locations. Together, they provide greater capacity to serve project needs and a higher, more diverse level of technical expertise.  Clients will benefit from a greater ability to deliver results that meet their objectives, access to some of the best engineering talent and resources available, and additional acumen to deliver the level of excellence they have come to expect from Team GFA.


The Delicate Dimension of Drilling

The Delicate Dimension of Drilling

GFA International increases productivity with the Geoprobe® 3230DT, allowing exploration work along Herbert Hoover Dike to be completed almost twice as fast.

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