Same Commitment For over Three Decades

“to provide world-class engineering services to our customers with a dedication to professionalism, customer satisfaction, accuracy, timeliness and unparalleled value.”

Over 30 Years of experience, leadership and influence through active participation in key construction and industry associations and relationships.
Frank and Fred 1989
GFA Chief Executive Officer, Frank Frione and President, Fred Kaub in 1989.
Frank and Fred 2020
and 30 Years Later!

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Everything we do is built on a commitment to do the right thing for our clients, our team members and our community. Our Mission, Vision and Values have served as our backbone and have guided the way we have done business for the past three decades.

Our Mission

Provide world-class engineering services to our customers with a dedication to professionalism, customer satisfaction, accuracy, timeliness and unparalleled value.

Our Vision

Be recognized as the world-class engineering firm of choice by our customers, employees, and our community.

We will deliver innovative solutions through the efforts of our talented and dedicated team members. We will empower our team, contribute to our communities, and operate sustainably.

Our Values


Together Everyone Achieves More by the sharing of ideas, skills and resources throughout our company.


Our ethics are simple: Promote honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and discretion within our organization.


We deliver value to our clients by providing timely and accurate products and services.


We take pride in being extremely diligent in attending to details.


We are committed to a culture of growth both as a company and as a team.


We are determined in our belief and commitment to the mission of our team.


We are committed to provide our employees a safe, stable work environment with equal opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Sustainability Initiative

GFA is committed to corporate social responsibility by promoting a culture among our employees which encourages sustainable practices, decisions, and recommendations and incorporates them into daily operations. It is our belief that sound environmental stewardship will benefit our communities, our employees, our clients and our company. We pride ourselves for looking both internally and externally for ways to incorporate sustainability into our business.

Our company’s sustainable practices incorporate programs to conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact, while increasing employee awareness.

Service Vehicles and Carbon Footprint

Representing the largest carbon footprint across the Company, GFA has made a priority of reducing the environmental impact of the Company’s fleet of vehicles. Through a series of combined measures, we have reduced fleet gasoline consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.
Among the means that we use to maintain fleet efficiency are the uses of:

  • GPS technology in more than half of our service vehicles—which allows us to monitor and reduce miles driven.
  • An overall program of regular vehicle maintenance and replacement; vehicle-mix modification and continual fleet updating to stay current on safety and performance features.
  • “Right-size” vehicles to actual need in order to help ensure a higher blend of smaller, more efficient vehicles. Examples include more fuel-efficient vehicles to use rather than larger trucks.

Resources, Recycling and Energy Conservation

GFA encourages recycling and energy conservation measures at all of its locations. Recycling includes office supplies and business waste. Conservation measures include lighting, and power systems, and investing in equipment to reduce energy use in our operations.

Because we are a service-based business that depends on written communications, paper represents a significant portion of GFA’s materials consumption and waste generated. To mitigate this use, we engage in a company-wide paper recycling program, and we encourage employees to avoid unnecessary paper consumption by a “think before you print” mentality.

We are seeing clients move away from hard copy reports and documents, with an increase in electronic submissions and online file sharing. Our paper reduction is supported by communications to raise employee awareness about decreased costs and waste minimization, because good management of resources makes good business sense.

The majority of reports and information that clients require can be accessed through GFA RePort and Metafield, our cloud-based reporting software. This allows for a significant reduction in the volume of printed documents we must produce on a regular basis.

Supporting the Communities Where We Live and Work

As a local business, GFA realizes the importance of community and local organizations that make a difference. We believe that it’s important to make a difference by helping others in our communities. We pursue that goal through financial support and volunteering our time and talents. Our philanthropic efforts reach a diverse set of causes driven by our employees, customers and the communities in which we live. When you do business with GFA, we are able to turn around and support many great causes. Below are some of the organizations we are proud to support.

Awards and Recognition

Business of the Year
CEO of the Year
Frank Frione, CEO
Business Leader Magazine-01
Top 50 Entrepreneurs
Fred Kaub, President
Gulfshore Magazine Best Engineering Firm 2017-2020
Best Engineering Firms
(2017, 2018 & 2019)
Top Workplace
(2018, 2019 & 2020)
SFBJ GFA Made The List 2020-01
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