GFA International brings our renowned reputation for superior client service and thorough knowledge and complete understanding of Florida’s Building Code(s). Our Code Compliance team members have decades of experience providing expert Inspections and Plan Review solutions to complex projects of all sizes, whether public or private.

Our Building Code Compliance Services include:

  • Municipal Support Services
  • Private Provider Plan Review and Inspection Services
  • Third-Party Peer Plan Review Services
  • Blower Door & Duct Leakage Testing Services
  • Balcony Inspections

Municipal Support Services

GFA has assisted many counties, cities, school districts and universities with outsourcing Building Department Services to meet the fluctuating demands of the building industry.  Our team of Code Compliance Professionals can provide support staff to augment existing municipal operations or provide the entire staff needed to manage and operate every aspect of a building department. At GFA, we pride ourselves on having the ability to custom tailor our support services to the exact needs of each government agency that we serve.

GFA’s team of Code Compliance Professionals experience and background is unparalleled.  GFA’s Plans Examiners, Inspectors and Building Code Administrators are certified by the State of Florida Code Administrators, Inspection Board, by the State of Florida Board of Professional Engineers and by the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. Our Code Compliance team members have many years of experience providing Building Code Inspections and Permit Plan Reviews for many municipal and educational institutions across the state.

We bring our renowned reputation for superior client service and thorough knowledge and complete understanding of Florida’s Building Code. Our team of qualified to perform professional building code services per Chapter 553 and 468, Part XII of the Florida Statutes, the Florida Building Code and all relevant laws and codes.

Because of their many years in the construction industry, GFA’s staff has extensive experience with a wide range of new and existing construction including commercial structures, residential developments, single family homes, multi-family residential projects, mixed-use buildings, high-rise, universities, K-8 and high schools, as well as hospitals, and government facilities.

Private Provider Plan Review & Inspection Services

Florida Statute §553.791 allows the fee owner of a proposed building to use a private provider to perform building code required plan reviews and/or minimum mandatory building code required inspections for compliance with the Florida Building Code and Local Amendments. The Statute allows the private provider to perform these services on the building components that are within the disciplines covered by that person’s licensure and is further limited to the structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and accessibility components of the building.  GFA’S Private Provider Services also offers checks and balances from Florida Registered Professional Engineers who oversee the duties of our Florida Statute §468 Plan Reviewers and Inspectors.

GFA Private Provider Services

Third-Party Peer Plan Review Services

GFA offers comprehensive, multi-disciplinary third-party Peer Plan Review Services. GFA’s Plan Review Services provide an examination of proposed construction documents (independent from design professionals) that identifies design deficiencies, improves constructability, eliminate costly errors, minimizes liability, and expedites the building department’s review process.

Our team of expert and experienced professional engineers, master code professionals and certified plan examiners identify code and design deficiencies. We take pride in supporting design professionals and owners in developing safe, constructible and efficient buildings that comply with all applicable building codes.

Through the implementation of our Peer Plan Review, we are confident that we can assist you in producing a superior set of construction documents and a high-quality product

GFA Third-Party Peer Plan Review Services

GFA’s Plan Review typically includes:

  • Building Code Compliance Review
  • Vertical Alignment Checks
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Check for Completeness of Design Details and/or Specifications
  • Verify Dimensions & Check for Dimensional Conflicts
  • Check for Design or Specification Code Violations or Conflicts
  • Check for Applicability of Specified Systems, Equipment, Materials & Finishes